Welcome to Huizache's Submittable page! Before you can submit your work, you'll need to put it into a PDF or a .doc (Microsoft Word) file. If you're submitting multiple poems, please put them all into one file. Then just click the appropriate "Submit" button below, next to "Poetry" or "Prose," and send it in. Be sure to include your contact information and a brief bio when they are asked for--we do use that stuff.

Our reading period goes until April 30, 2017 so it may be a little while before you hear from us. We know that can be a long time, so we've got no problem with you submitting your work to other places simultaneously. But PLEASE notify us immediately if work is accepted elsewhere!

While you're waiting, you can order yourself the latest issue of Huizache right here. Get some of the old ones while you're at it, and while you're waiting for them to get to your mailbox, check out some of our online selections here. After all, if you don't support our community of writers and artists, who will?

Should you have any questions about this process, send them to prose@huizachemag.org or poetry@huizachemag.org.